10 Commandments of Activism

1. Victory does not consist in winning the struggle but in doing our duty.

2. Be a radical- that is, live from the roots of nature and from your humanity. Never allow your character to become a bargaining chip.

3. Never become so focused on fighting suffering and evil that you forget the ideal point of our struggle is for all people to be happy, including you.

4. Remember that there is always something of your opponent in you, and something of you in your opponent.

5. Put every drop of your righteous anger into harness doing the work, or it will poison your very blood.

6. Never despair in times that seem hopeless. Remember that people were doing this work before you were born and people yet unborn will build on whatever foundation you lay.

7. Balance your inner peace and outer activism as you do your breath. Let your inner work be as if you are breathing in, and your outer activism as if you were breathing out.

8. You must love people enough to risk them not loving you.

9. Whatever else happens, remember that activism will reveal to you your true family, the lovers of humankind and citizens of the world.

10. Never forget that to be servant of all you must be slave of none.

Okay the title is grandiose, but it got you to read this. This list was really done off the top of my head. Send more suggestions and I’ll improve the list. I know I’ve heard the 10th commandment somewhere, but I don’t remember where. If anyone knows where it comes from, let me know so I can attribute it.