It’s 10 days until our pilgrimage to Rev. Jim’s Dam Bar on Sunday afternoon March 10.  Some of us will gather at St. Andrew’s parking lot at 1:30 to carpool, but we can make other arrangements for those who need it. The drive takes about an hour.

Rev. Jim’s Dam Bar has not learned the sacred nature of all sentient life, so we vegetarians will need to bring our own lunch. Those willing to tie themselves to the Tree of Woe by feasting on the earthly remains of brother pig and sister cow will be sated on burgers and such.

Hopefully, this will be a chance to meet our fellow blogsters as well as witness what has been called one of the “seven wonders of the honkytonk spirituality.” Actually, I just made that last part up. Let us know if you can come and we will reserve a spot for you at what has been called the “Mecca of Meat,” and the “Bodhi Tree of Beer.”  But once again, I lie.

No one has stepped forward with skyping abilities but hopefully we can post pictures on the web for those who cannot make it.