The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) claims to be a nonpartisan group, but it has been a stealth organization operating primarily within the Republican party to pump out nearly identical bills all over the country calling for cutting taxes, taking revenue from public schools and harrassing unions. As much as I talk about ALEC, I completely missed the good news that 117 of it’s members were voted out of office in the election a few weeks back.

It is expected that 2012 will generate a new raft of ALEC legislation, including bills to roll back taxes and starve state government, bills to privatize public schools, bills to privatize public pensions and other government services and, of course, bills to defund and dismantle unions. What has changed is that now there are active citizen groups across the nation tracking ALEC members, bills and conferences and helping to shed a light on this organization that allows corporate lobbyists to vote as equals with legislators behind closed doors on proposals to change your rights and obligations under the law. Rebekah Wilce, PRWatch