Today is a day that makes you proud to be a Texan. I am always grateful when another state looks dumber than we. I have been grateful to Arizona, Louisiana and Tennessee, when of late, they have distracted the world from the clown car that is Texas politics.

Not to be dragged against its will into decency, the state of Mississippi refused to pass the 13th Amendment ending slavery until 1995. But as proud sons and daughters of the Confederacy, even that resolution was not sent to the Federal Register which would have put the law into effect. After seeing the movie, “Lincoln,” two University of Mississippi employees decided to study the passing of the 13th Amendment only to find out the necessary papers had never been filed.

So kudos to Mississippi who, even if they weren’t able to make Texans look smart, at least they have made us look less dumber, as my English teachers here in Texas would say.