This viral video belongs on the top of any list on any bad arguments against evolution. This is the classic video of a creationist arguing that the fact a banana perfectly fits into a human hand is proof that the world was designed for us. But the fact that a stone perfectly fits into the dirt around it does not necessarily prove that someone dug it a hole. It is incredibly ironic to use our hand’s affinity for bananas to try to prove we didn’t evolve from monkey-like relatives.


This video is an example of a creationist attempting to turn the tables and challenge evolutionists to disprove creationism, whereas the burden of proof should always rest on those making the hypothesis.


A creationist opens a jar of peanut butter to show that new life forms do not emerge out of former life forms. Maybe if he used living peanuts and extended his experiment over millions of years of replication he might get a very different result.