I mentioned a while back that First Baptist Church in Pflugerville has run a campaign against providing equal benefits to domestic partners and same sex couples in the Pflugerville Independent School District. If you are Baptist in the Austin area and are tired of supporting this kind of bullying in the name of Jesus Christ, you are in luck. Austin has some great Baptist Churches that support equal rights for all people.

Church of the Savior in Cedar Park made the news some years back by refusing to discriminate against GLBT people. They eventually left the Southern Baptist Convention, but have remained a faithful witness to the true Baptist tradition of live and let live tolerance.

University Baptist Church has been a leader in separation of church and state issues in Austin and is also fully inclusive.

First Baptist Church has not been as vocal as the others, but maintains an atmosphere of tolerance and openness of thought. Its pastor, Roger Paynter is open minded and kind.

There is no reason to invest in a church that does not work for a world that is fair to all of God’s children. If you are a Baptist in the Austin area, and want to work for inclusivity and justice for all, I’m sure any of these 3 churches would embrace you with open arms.