I was so happy to see this story. I know some are saying it is too little too late, but it’s never to late to come to your senses.

Forty years ago, the U.S. was spraying herbicides in the jungles of Southeast Asia killing Vietcong, innocent villagers, and U.S. troops alike. Finally, we have agreed to help clean up some of the damage done by that immoral weapon linked with cancer and birth defects ever since the war.

The reason this story is important, is because we are being poisoned by the fairy tales we are telling ourselves. I visited a veteran from the Vietnam war a few months back, who still could not get adequate treatment for his exposure to that chemical. The sooner we tell the truth about our history and take responsibility for our actions, the sooner we can look the world, and our own veterans in the face.

It may little, and it may be late, but I prefer to see it as a step in the right direction.