Work for change in between elections.
Voting is important, but it is only the first step in a citizen’s duty. In November, we must choose between the lesser of evils, but there is no reason not to use the rest of the year to broaden our options. Pick a cause you believe in, figure how much time and money you can dedicate, and do it.

Read alternative press
Reading the mainstream news is necessary to know the dominant narrative, but it is even more important to get outside that box and read news from other nations and from alternative presses. Assume every morning that you have woken into a cultural trance which you must break with truth from outside your own bubble.

Leave your big bank
We have little chance to limit the mischief of big banks if we give them our money to play with. Credit Unions are a good alternative to subsidizing the global crimes of big banks.

Shop for a better world
In a capitalist culture, money is the primary value. Words of freedom matter little so long as we invest in our own captivity. Worker owned businesses are a great alternative to predatory economics. Do not shop from companies you know to mistreat their workers and support businesses that are at least trying. Consider every dollar you spend to be a vote for what kind of world your children’s children will be born into.

Go deep
Most activists who are good for the long haul have some personal or spiritual practice. They may meditate, do yoga, read poetry, or walk in nature, but most of them recognize the need of aligning to something deeper than themselves..


Find community
No one can be truly human alone. Only in community can our entire humanity blossom. Cyber activism is as much a part of the problem as it is a part of the solution.


Switch to PC as your primary language
Do not be deterred by those who accuse you of being “politically correct” when you try to speak respectfully of all people. Sexist, racist or classist language is not a trivial matter. As long as we speak the language of domination, our thoughts are captive to hierarchical values, even if we think ourselves prejudice free. The only test for whether one has an addiction, is the ability to quit.