Col. Paul Dodd is honorably retired from the army. He is trying to petition the military to choose chaplains that will serve all the troops. In other words, will honor soldiers who are not Christian, soldiers who are not heterosexual, and troops that do not fit the stereotypes of religion in this culture.

The petition calls for chaplains who will serve:

“Diverse communities of belief in the military are properly seeking recognition. Many of these communities not only include but celebrate gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender service members. Humanists and Wiccans seek to join Buddhists, Hindus and other diversity groups who already have recognition and representation in our military.”  

The petition is being sponsored by gay rights groups, humanists, atheists and several seminaries. It’s goal is to call for chaplains who will serve all the troops, not just straight Christians. If you would like to sign on, the link below will lead you to the petition. Thanks to Paul Dodd for the heads up.