Before you write that response saying that my last post was hypocritical because I am “judging the judger,” let me save you some time. Stopping a bully is not bullying. No one is doing to you what you are doing to GLBT people. If someone tries to violate your basic human rights, I will stand right by you in your defense, but  you do not have a right to live other people’s lives for them, and you are not being oppressed when people stop you from doing so.

Your happiness is as important to me as anyone else’s. I will stand by you if you are oppressed as much as I would for a gay person. I realize it is a time of tremendous social upheaval. I know you are just trying to stand up for what you believe is right. You are just trying to hold society together, but we cannot do that by leaving others out of the justice equation. Just as white people had to give up their simplistic biblical understanding of slavery to be fair to people of color, so do we straight people need to give up the simplistic biology of scripture if we are going to be fair to people who have been born to love differently than ourselves.