During the Bush administration the idea was hatched to build a virtual wall between Texas and Mexico. One billion dollars later, the virtual wall was able to “protect” about 53 miles. Unfortunately, on a windy day, it could not always tell the difference between a tree and a human being. In the end only 1% of alarms resulted in arrests.

But we all know “American” ends with “I can” not “I can’t.” So now the US is now considering throwing 750 million more into this Texas sized rabbit hole. In addition to the “wall” Texas skies will also sport spy drones.

Of course, all of this money will be taken from education and health care. But there’s no point in educating our children as long as foreigners are coming into our country to take their jobs. First things first.

Our consolation will be that even such failed attempts are making a handful of people unthinkable amounts of money, along with the politicians who support them.