If you want a crystal ball to peer into our future under capitalism in the United States, consider Rupert Murdoch’s efforts to buy the Los Angeles Times:

“Mr. Murdoch, who has never shied away from a regulatory battle, has been beefing up News Corporation’s lobbying efforts in Washington in the last few months to urge regulators to revise a media ownership rule that would prevent the company from acquiring The Los Angeles Times and other newspapers in markets in which it already owns television stations.

“He wants it,” one person close to Mr. Murdoch said of The Los Angeles Times.” (NY Times)

Mr. Murdoch’s efforts to further limit whatever information Americans are able to obtain about their world hit a setback when the chair of the FCC resigned last recently. Murdoch already owns the San Antonio Express-News, The Star, New York Post, Fox News, The Weekly Standard, Dow Jones, The Wall Street Journal, Barron’s Magazine, Smart Money and the Economic Review.

Now Murdoch wants the LA Times. And while the U.S. has rules forbidding such monopolies, in a capitalist country such as ours, even the laws are for sale. While anti-monopoly laws apply to many businesses, the super rich simply buy a waiver through the form of bribery capitalists call “lobbying.”

So our nation, already starving for truth, will be further bombarded by propaganda parading as news, talking heads disguised as journalists and news celebrities wearing American flag pins marching to the orders of an Australian overlord.