Tommy, Tommy, Tommy.

Well Mr. Friedman has done it again. In another paean to clueless American arrogance, this is a line from his N.Y.Times article today.  “…the question of whether Israel has the need and the right to pre-emptively attack Iran as it develops a nuclear potential is one of the most hotly contested issues on the world stage today. It is also an issue fraught with danger for Israel and American Jews, neither of whom want to be accused of dragging America into a war, especially one that could weaken an already frail world economy.”

Okay, let me get this straight. The issue of bombing Iran is fraught with danger for Israel and American Jews?  How about for the people actually getting bombed? Do they even count in the equation? And how do you think it sounds to the Muslim fifth of the world’s population when you assume it’s okay for Christian and Jewish nations to have nuclear weapons, but not Muslims?

If we want to end the spread of nuclear weapons it can only begin by getting rid of our own stockpile, and for us to stop invading nations like Iraq and Libya right after they have abandoned their own nuclear programs.