It’s not the kind of story that will get much coverage, especially on the anniversary of 9-11. A young Yemeni man has died in captivity at Guantanamo. The man was not only denied a trial, he was not even charged with a crime. He had been handed over by Pakistani soldiers 11 years ago. That act, was enough to make the US assume his guilt and leave him without recourse.

A US federal judge ruled In July 2010 that the man’s detention was unlawful, and that he should be released. The Obama administration appealed and the ruling was overturned. His lawyer quoted the man as saying, “I am a prisoner of death”.

Amnesty International is asking the Obama administration for some kind of due process for the remaining 167 men at Guantanamo base. They are not asking for the guilty to be set free, simply that all the prisoners face receive a fair trail in the name of the democracy we say we are protecting.

“Once and for all, the US military must bring the human rights vacuum at Guantanamo to an end – the detainees must be brought to fair trial in independent courts or released and trials by military commission should be abandoned,” said Rob Freer, Amnesty International’s USA Researcher.