The Arizona Republic released a story this weekend that recruiters for the Arizona National Guard have been conducted “bum hunts” where cadets and potential recruits would hunt homeless people from official vehicles. No wonder Sgt. 1st Class Michael won “Recruiter of the Year.”

“Military investigators were told that Amerson wore his National Guard uniform and drove a government vehicle marked with recruiting insignia as he and other soldiers — some still minors — shot transients with paintballs or got them to perform humiliating song-and-dance routines in return for money. During some of these so-called “bum hunts,” female recruits said, they were ordered to flash their breasts at transients. Homeless women, conversely, were offered food, money or drinks for showing their breasts.”

Governor Jan Brewer (R) has promised a full investigation done by an independent third party.

Thanks to Rebekah Duke for the link: