Great art is not just the story of someone’s personal experience. Art is also the expression of the universal through the particular. If we only express the universal, that may be science or prose; but it’s not art. If we express the universal, the cosmic, through our personal life, that’s what great art is about. When Homer told a story about Ulysses being lost at sea, and wandering from one island to another, he was also telling the story of the wanderings of every human soul. So when we read The Iliad and The Odyssey, we discover a deeper part of our own heart. We also discover something about our relationship to the world, to the cosmos, to the universe. When Shakespeare had Hamlet lift up a skull and speak his famous poem about human mortality, he wasn’t just expressing his own doubts. That poem was also the universal being expressed through the personal. Shakespeare could feel the universal and express it with very charismatic and personal figures. I would say that’s what great art is, and certainly what sacred art should be. We do not study scripture to know Moses, but to know ourselves.