One of the central aspirations of this blog has been to bridge the gulf between theist and non-theist approaches to life. My assumption is that our scientific understanding of life need not, and should not, rob us of community and of a shared wonder through all the stages of life’s journey.

So I was delighted to run across this Huffington Post article about an atheist church which has been started in Calgary, Canada.

Korey Peters had left Christianity years ago. He simply could not believe in God. But he also realized the poverty of living life in his head. He missed the music, the fellowship and, in a word, the art of religion. So he began a church for non-theist people who want to share life together in community.

I am so grateful for this wonderful example of what I have been trying to say for some time. Religion is not centrally about dogma, superstition or moralism. Healthy religion is reverence for life shared in community. The rest is optional.