For me, religion is the appointment I make with wonder. Loren Eisley is an example of an atheist with religion. Here is how he said it:


“I am treading deeper and deeper into leaves and silence. I see more faces watching, non-human faces. Ironically, I who profess no religion find the whole of my life a religious pilgrimage.”


He also said:


“The religious forms of the present leave me unmoved. My eye is round, open, and undomesticated as an owl’s in a primeval forest– a world that for me has never truly departed.”


Some of my favorite hymns were written by atheists. For example, here is another by Loren Eiseley:


“To go off to elemental and bring back treasures. Since the first human eye saw a leaf in Devonian sandstone and a puzzled finger reached to touch it, sadness has lain over the heart of man. By this tenuous thread of living protoplasm, stretching backward into time, we are linked forever to lost beaches whose sands have long since hardened into stone. The stars that caught our blind amphibian stare have shifted far or vanished in their courses, but still that naked, glistening thread winds onward. No one knows the secret of its beginning or its end. Its forms are phantoms. The thread alone is real; the thread is life.”