Eight people were arrested at a kindergarten graduation in Cleveland. Details are sketchy but apparently someone spilled some punch and, before long, one person pulled out a pipe and someone else pulled out a hammer. None of the students from the school were involved but, in the end, ten police cars were called to deal with the situation.

The story also marked the day I officially became old, because I looked at the story and thought, “this nation is going to hell in a handbasket.” That’s right, this was the day I officially heard my father’s words coming out through my mouth.

So, perhaps I am now senile, but this whole “stand your ground” attitude has gotten completely out of hand in my opinion. For the last few decades entire television and radio industries have arisen out of triggering outrage. People listen to Rush Limbaugh for the same reason they once watched Jerry Springer- to get pissed. Since 9-11 it almost seems like our nation looks for an excuse to seek revenge. I realize that such irritability isn’t new. “Don’t tread on me” is the same kind of sentiment. But back then, people were fighting for liberty, or at least land. Today we have been reduced to fighting over spilled juice.