David Korten has a way of both helping us face the mess we are in, but also giving us some hope that we might be able to clean it up. In this essay he discusses the trance imposed on the American people by a constant barrage of propaganda by our economic overlords, and also helps discuss ways to break the trance.

“1.Our individual and collective well-being depends on acting with concern for the well-being of others. We all do better when we look out for one another.

2.Money is not wealth. It is just numbers. Sacrificing the health and happiness of billions of people to grow numbers on computer hard drives to improve one’s score on the Forbes Magazine list of the world’s richest people is immoral. Managing a society’s economy to facilitate this immoral competition at the expense of people and nature is an act of collective insanity.

3.The proper purpose of the economy and the enterprises that comprise it is to provide good jobs and quality goods and services beneficial to the health and happiness of people, community and nature. A modest financial profit is essential to a firm’s viability, but is not its proper purpose.”

Good stuff.
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