Busted! was a sleazy Austin newsletter that published mugshots of people arrested for things like DWI or shoplifting. The tabloid could be found in convenience stores near the counter. According to the American Statesman, the print version is no more.

While the actual newsletter was only a dollar, the paper also made money by charging to take the pictures down from their website. To completely remove links would cost $178. According to the Statesman, the newpaper announced it demise with an insult filled message to its readers:

Busted!’s farewell note — addressed to “crack-addled CapMetro riding miscreants, stoned hipsters, dude bros with three-plus DWIs” and others — offered little details about their fate.

“We have some sad news for you, our beloved hideous readers,” it reads. “Our backers are moving on to bigger and more lucrative things, and the rest of us poor schmoes on staff just ain’t got the cash to put out the print version ourselves.”

In other words, the staff had the same contempt for their readers as for the people it ridiculed in print. Unfortunately the website will be new and expanded, but at least this hideous practice of making money off the misery of others will be out of print.