Larry Kilgore was the runner up to Rick Perry in the 2006 Republican gubernatorial primary. Kilgore believes that gays should be put to death, but is willing to work with them on what for him is a more pressing issue- Texas seceding from the union. Kilgore has actually changed his name so it will read Larry SECEDE Kilgore on the ballot.

“I am a Christian, and I have lots of Christian beliefs. However, I am trying to build a coalition of all different types of people. I look at the lesbians and the homosexual folks and I say, ‘Hey, D.C. is stealing my money just like they’re stealing your money.’ After we get our freedom, then we can decide all that stuff — hopefully at a county level. Right now, lesbians and homosexuals and Christians may have differences with each other, but we’ve got a bigger enemy.”

Kilgore did promise that once Texas has seceded, he would invoke biblical law:

“I would very much approve of a biblical law that prevented homosexual behavior in the new nation. According to the Bible, it should be execution, if anyone participates in that activity.” -Interview with Lone Star Q

So word to the GLBT crowd, if Texas seceding from the union is your number one issue, Larry Kilgore is inviting you to join his campaign. You have Larry’s word that you won’t be stoned to death until after the election.