Jim Hightower has a piece on Common Dreams titled, “Blessed are the Rich” in which he presents how two super rich people say we can end homelessness. In both cases tough love is the answer. Andy Kessler, who Hightower describes as “a former hedge-fund whiz,” saw his 16 son volunteer for a homeless shelter.

The homeless problem, he recently wrote in an op-ed piece for The Wall Street Journal, stems from “all this volunteering and charitable giving” by do-gooders like his son. Homeless folks ought to be working, he lectured, but they’re not, “because someone is feeding, clothing and, in effect, bathing them.”

Reagan’s speech writers began the mantra that lead to this kind of thinking. The more we have tried to do for (fill in the blank) the worse things have gotten. So the very attempt to educate, feed or clothe people is the real problem. One could make the same case against fire trucks. New York is spending more on fire fighting than ever, but in spite of that, arson is worse than ever. Ergo, firetrucks cause arson. It is simple libertarian objectivity. Strip the city of fire stations and you will end its problem with fire.