First of all, let me say that right wingers have not only a right, but a responsibility to get involved in politics. My only problem is when any group uses that power to deprive others of basic rights. I am not one who wants either side to win, I just want a world that is fair for everyone. What follows is an article naming other food agencies who fight against women’s, GLBT, or other human rights movements. My fear in posting this article is that liberals will think that attacking right wingers in any way addresses our own role in the oppression of others. A nation built on slavery should be incredibly introspective and open to the criticism that we have hidden that exploitation in other forms. The insanity of the far right is no excuse for the complicity of the left and middle. We were all born on a pirate ship called “The American Empire,” so the real question isn’t which side of the boat has the worst pirates. The real question is, “How we change course together?”

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