There is a story in scripture about a group of men about to stone a woman they had “caught in adultery.” The story never explains how the moralists were able to catch the woman involved, but not the man.

Annie-Rose Strasser  has written a story on AlterNet about a young teacher at a Christian college who became pregnant and was fired. The school has a policy prohibiting pre-marital sex, so that part of the story was predictable, but where the story takes a turn is when the school offered a job to the boyfriend who got her pregnant.

The Christian Church has a long history of hypocrisy when it comes matters of sex, punishing women and winking at men for the same sexual acts. But I do not believe the lesson here is that the school should have punished the man in the same way it punished the woman. I believe the lesson here is that the church’s obsession with monitoring sex has itself become a kind of perversion.

Scripture says nothing about getting a marriage license or getting the approval of the church before one engages in sex. The implication I get when looking at all the versions of marriage throughout scripture is that the writers were concerned that humans not be used as sexual objects and that offspring be cared for. To say the biblical model of marriage is only between one man and one woman is patently dishonest. That standard would wipe out many of the heroes of the Bible, Abraham, David and Moses among them.

In the biblical story usually called “the woman caught in adultery,” Jesus stepped in to prevent the religious moralists from stoning the woman. He did say to the her to “go and sin no more,” but we cannot assume we know what he meant by those words. That part of the conversation was between him and the woman. What the church should pay more attention to was what Jesus said to the rest of us, “whoever is without sin, may throw the first stone.”