In the last few months I have adopted a strange group of heroes (sheroes?). They are the defiant nuns who are threatening to bring sanity back to the Catholic Church. You will remember that the boys club, otherwise known as the Vatican, tried to bully them into silence about social issues. They were told to be like the boys in Italy and focus their ethical statements on the scrotum. They were to focus not an economic justice, but on issues Jesus never mentioned like abortion and homosexuality.

What do you do when facing such overwhelming odds? What’s a gal to do when sent to her room unfairly? Road trip!

The nuns are out on the road drawing focus on the Republican budget cuts that will hurt the most vulnerable of America’s poor. The Pope may have the sparkly hat and fancy red shoes, but these pictures of nuns in blue jeans are offering a new awakening for the Catholic Church in America. The Pope and his boys follow the tradition that brought us the inquisition and crusades. These powerful women represent the open-handed open-hearted compassion of the saints. I’m no Catholic, but I can see what is dying and what is being born.

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