“Ladies in White” seems like the Cuban version of “Code Pink” in the US. They are a group of women who come together to protest human rights abuses in Cuba. The Cuban government has detained seventy of the women in preparation for the Pope’s visit. The Cuban government is claiming that the group is being paid by the US to make Cuba look bad.

For decades now, the US has looked like an elephant frightened by a mouse, but the truth is known all over South and Central America. The US is not afraid of Cuba as military power, we are terrified of a government that places the good of it’s people over personal profit. We can call it “socialism” or “communism” but the truth is we punishing Cuba for not opening its markets to us. As a result the Cuban leaders are understandibly paranoid. As much as we may deplore its lack of freedom, the first step to improving life in Cuba would be for the US to lift its embargo, and promise to end covert action against that nation.

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