Powerful males protecting their vested interests, speeches that are more hoots than logic, the continual scapegoating of the weakest in our midst; even if Darwin had never lived, human politics would be proof enough that we have some intimate and unfortunate connection to the baboons. 

 If baboons could speak, we would find that they, too, are creationists; for evolution provides a context that lays bare vacuous boasts of exceptionalism.  Darwin could have saved himself a lot of travel in seeking to prove the theory of evolution.  One minute of Rush Limbaugh would have sufficed.

None of us is immune to these instincts, which is why it is ultimately futile to fight against the worst of our human nature. Instead we must call one another to higher levels of humanity.  This insight is the wisdom behind the teaching to turn the other cheek or to return good for evil.  Any other strategy just brings out the monkey in us all.