The George Bush Library will open this weekend. Absent in local news coverage of the event has been the recollection that his administration deceived our nation to lead us to a war that conservative estimates say cost 100.000 lives and 3.1 trillion dollars.

The theme for opening week is “Day of Fire.” The hell unleashed as “Shock and Awe’ upon an innocent people will again be celebrated as a kind of video game. The images will be flashed around twisted metal beams from the World Trade Center, again conflating 9-11 with our revenge upon a people who had nothing to do with it.

CODEPINK attempted to break through the newspapers worship of the Bush years by inserting a paid ad:


President Bush repeated many times that the reason terrorists hate us is because they are jealous of our freedoms. Tell that to CODEPINK who was not even able to pay for the right of free speech.