This story shows why it is so important to rescue people from a fundamentalist worldview.  Once a person of any religion begins to take their scripture literally, they begin a downward spiral. The violence inherent in the fundamentalist worldview is not visible at first, which is why intelligent and kind people can take it up. Eventually, violence errupts from a combination of factors that each seem benign. Literalism, sectarianism, fear of difference, and desire to get back to a mythic past can all seem harmless, but when combined, they will produce a violence as surely as the ingredients of gunpowder produce an explosion.

In this case an 11 year mentally disabled Christian girl was accused of desecrating pages of the Koran. Anyone who could step out their own religious tunnel vision could see this girl had no idea what she was doing, but an angry crowd forced police to take the child into custody by threatening to burn down the houses of Christians if she was not arrested.

It is easy for Christians to see Islamic fundamentalism and condemn all Islam. It is easy for Muslims to see Christian fundamentalism and condemn all Christianity. The truth is, the problem is fundamentalism and none of us is immune. We must all commit ourselves to a life long struggle to keep our hearts and minds open.