There’s been a lot of talk this week about whether Catholics should be forced to supply birth control when they insure workers. It is an important question. Here are some additional questions that pertain to the issue:

When women work, do they deserve a full range of health care options? Should they receive that full range in any insurance offered them? If business owners have a right to deny coverage based on religion, what would prevent a Christian Scientist business owner from denying health care all together?

Some religions believe women should not be leaders over men. Should a business be allowed to discriminate in hiring as well as health coverage?

When someone interferes in another person’s private life, is it really accurate to say they are still expressing their own “private religion?” When you start bothering someone else, isn’t that by definition “public?”

In the same way, if a religious institution receives public money, have they not waived any claim to be exercising their “private” expression of religion?