This morning I tried to scan the headlines to see if anyone was reporting on what the refugees themselves want. The results were rather bewildering.

It seems like a simple question. If US intentions in Syria are humanitarian, then the people we are rescuing should welcome the help. But the “news” sources base much of their reports on information provided by governments with agendas of their own.

“Syrian Refugees praying for Western bombs” -Euronews

“Syrian Refugees in Jordan Decry American Plans to Attack” Truthout

“What Does Potential U.S. Military Action Mean for Millions of Syrian Refugees? Humanitarian agencies are scrambling for resources, and a military strike may only make matters worse.” -National Journal

Syrian Refugees “Horrified” at Possible US Strike, Just want to be left alone Says Christian Relief Agency Head” -Christian Post

So, we don’t seem to know what the people most affected by the bombing want, which leaves them as pawns in someone else’s game of chess. One fact seems clear, the nations hosting these refugees are running out of resources and patience. It’s too bad that our nation, while willing to bomb Syria on behalf of these refugees, is not willing to let them immigrate, nor are we willing to seriously help the nations that do.