As I left the sanctuary from our first worship service yesterday, I was surprised by a television crew from Germany. They were doing a documentary about religion in Texas. Sunday was their last full day in the States and they had just heard about our church. The film makers had been struck by how divided religious and nonreligious people are in Texas. They had heard our church might be a middle ground. I admitted that religion is often unhealthy, especially when it is in the service of capitalism, superstition, nationalism or even personal fear. I told them that we have several atheists in our congregation, and no one would think of converting them. I said our mysterious universe lies in between theistic and atheistic systems; and when we are humble, grateful and reverent, the gap is not so wide. When believers stand before mystery, all dogma is forgotten for a moment and they become reverent agnostics. When a scientist looks through a telescope and whispers “wow,” he or she has said what we mystics mean by the divine name.