I heard last night that Johnny Depp (Tonto) and Armie Hammer (Lone Ranger) will star in a remake of the Lone Ranger. With all due respect, Senator Elizabeth Warren has earned the part. She has stood like a singular Mt. Rushmore against Wall Street, the Big Banks, and now government secrecy.

In a nation that seems to have given up on any hope of dignity at home or abroad Senator Warren stands at her station demanding something more of us.

In the last decade, foreign trade agreements have been the dirty clothes hamper for dirty questionable deals. The Obama administration has been negotiating for a NAFTA like deal being called “the Trans-Pacific Partnership. As in earlier Trojan horse treaties, the details of the treaty are being held back from the American people. Senator Warren is demanding that the Obama administration show some of the transparency he promised when he ran for presidency.

Sen Warren is assuming the American people will object when they discover that the treaty may seek to grant corporations exemptions from safety and environmental regulations of the host country.

The TPP could have a profound impact on our lives.  Trade agreements affect everything from the food we eat, to the price of medicine, to the availability of the jobs. Americans do not want these agreements negotiated in secret, where only corporate interests are represented.  Senator Elizabeth Warren has proven once again, she’s not only tough when it comes to bank regulation.  She will fight to protect consumers where ever and how ever it matters. -Thom Hartmann