I will never forget one of my first trips to the hospital to counsel a woman who had been raped. Before I could go into see her, the police pulled me to the side for a word of warning, “You need to know she was kind of asking for this.” The woman had been raped with a screwdriver.

The incident lit a fire of rage in me that never went out, so I understand the rage that is sweeping across India on behalf of the woman gang raped, exposed to public scorn and indifference, and who eventually committed suicide.

“That girl could have been any one of us,” Sangeetha Saini, 44, who took her two teenage daughters to a candle-filled demonstration on Sunday in Delhi, told The New York Times. Women in India “face harassment in public spaces, streets, on buses … We can only tackle this by becoming Durga,” she added, referring to the female Hindu god who slays a demon.

The real question for us back here in the States is, when we will finish the task of making it safe to be female?  We have made strides on the punishment side of the problem, but rape is the natural child of patriarchy and no one is serious about sexual assault who does not work for women having equal power in business and politics.

Thanks to Beth Brogan of Common Dreams, http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2012/12/31-6