These are my least popular columns. When I try to hold liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans on one scale, both sides bolt. And no one wants to put our whole nation on the scales of justice. But here we go…

When Slate Magazine released a poll of Obama’s popularity in Europe I became suspicious that they were cherry picking. I understand how Japan and Europe might see a huge difference in Obama and Bush, but what do those numbers look like outside the world’s former colonizers? Do people in the Middle East discern such a difference in a Democrat and Republican? Do areas that have drones flying overhead, or have drug wars raging think Obama is so different than Bush?

These polls are what you would expect. The world was excited when Obama was elected and spoke of international co-operation. It then fell into disappointment when they realized a Democratic imperilist is much the same as a Republican one. Notice the difference between the opinions of the haves and the have nots of the world. Notice specifically the disappointment with how we are handling our foreign policy.

The world needs us to be more than Republicans and Democrats. They need us to be more than Americans. They need us to be human beings and to work with them to restore international law.