Jill Stein was the Green Party Presidential candidate. You may remember her getting arrested trying to get into the debates to represent her party. What follows is a summary of her analysis.

By making the Bush tax cuts permanent for those earning up to $450,000, families earning $50.000 a year will feel an increase of $1,000. The President has already committed to huge budget cuts. He has agreed to limit taxes on the wealthy. Finally, he has said he is willing to cut Social Security, Medicare and other health programs. If anyone cannot see the train wreck coming it is because they do not want to.

The deal also ushered in an additional $205 billion in wasteful corporate tax favors. New racetracks will get tens of millions, Goldman Sachs gets $1.6 billion in tax-free financing for its new massive headquarters, banks get a $9 billion dollar loophole for offshore financing, and U.S. multinationals are allowed to dodge taxes on income earned by foreign subsidiaries – giving them all the more reason to move jobs offshore. -Jill Stein

However we vote in an election, options for transforming our economic system must vastly enlarge as soon as we leave the voting booth. To save our nation, and our world, we must stop living as narcissistic and passive individuals. We must join together in solidarity to work for human betterment. Obama won the Presidency by appealing to those high aspirations. For whatever reason he is unwilling or unable to implement them. It is time the American people stopped believing in heroes and begin to believe that we ourselves can realize those values by working in solidarity for our fundamental and universal human rights.