People have asked me to post news coming out of my denomination’s national meeting this week. Unfortunately, a denomination living in the past can’t produce news. Some are celebrating that our denomination almost did the right thing on gay marriage and celebrating how far we’ve come to lose by such a narrow margin, but I refuse to report on a dinosaur race.  Instead, I am sharing a New York Times story that really is news. The head of Exodus International has renounced his group’s claim that sexual orientation can be changed.

“But the ex-gay movement has been convulsed as the leader of Exodus, in a series of public statements and a speech to the group’s annual meeting last week, renounced some of the movement’s core beliefs. Alan Chambers, 40, the president, declared that there was no cure for homosexuality and that “reparative therapy” offered false hopes to gays and could even be harmful. His statements have led to charges of heresy and a growing schism within the network.”

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