My heroes are not the masters of violence, but the masters of peace. Those who make war have magnificent monuments built to them, most makers of peace come and go almost unnoticed.

J. Christopher Stevens was the ambassador murdered in Libya earlier this week. Like many diplomats he strove to communicate and understand those people with whom there is misunderstanding. Ambassador Stevens saw the dangers in Libya, but also saw an opportunity to bring the rule of law to that beleaguered nation.

As US warships move toward Libya in a show of strength, one of his friends noted:

“Just as the U.S. should not be blamed for the offensive film of a few deluded whackos, Libya should not be blamed for the unjustified violence of a few ignorant extremists,” Abrahams said in an email Thursday. “And maybe this will spur the Libyan government to rein in the militias that have troubled Libya since Gaddafi’s fall — Chris would have wanted that.”