It was strange going down the halls of KLBJ radio station after so many hostile interviews over the years. I had flashbacks as I walked by the various studios remembering some of the old DJ’s, grilling me on abortion and gay rights.

This time, everyone was respectful and kind. Before the show, there was the traditional awkwardness when a clergyperson is in the room. Interns asking, “What should we call you?” I always want to say,”Well my parole officer calls me “Slasher” but you can call me whatever you want.”

Fortunately, someone took God’s name in vain in my presence so I could show that nothing was going to offend me. After that everyone relaxed. I thought they asked great questions. I was very grateful for the honesty Dudley showed in the interview. That was my impression of him in the other episode, too. He wasn’t being disrespectful to religion, he had honest questions and wasn’t going to lie by being polite. I respect that very much.

I really hope they continue with the segment. Austin has great spiritual communities of every stripe. Just having this kind of honest dialogue could be a great chance for some people to broaden their idea of what religion could be. I’ve already received several emails from people saying they want to come to visit the church . We can always use more honest people to help build the kind of spiritual community that will actually help our children find their way in the real world.