It seems to me the church set itself up to be filled with hypocrites when it linked God with heaven and Satan with hell. Who wouldn’t at least pretend to love goodness if that is your ticket to a reward? Who wouldn’t at least pretend to hate evil if they knew it would be caught and punished? Such a religion is born of fear and leads not to love but only an enlarged and calculating selfishness.

Those who truly love would pay any cost for it. The true lovers of God would be those willing to go to hell if they knew that’s where love lived. I do not know about the afterlife, but in this world serving evil is much more likely to give you a golden mansion, and serving all God’s children is much more likely to put you through hell. The true lover of God chooses the punishments of love over the rewards of cruelty.

Every mystic is a one trick pony. If someone loves you, love them back. If someone hates you love them back. Thus and only thus is the world filled with love.