America is staggering under the cost of several unnecessary wars. President Obama did not publicly investigate the questionable information given by the Bush administration which led into the Iraq war. The President said he wanted to let bygones be and to focus on the future; but, for that reason, past lies will now be  the foundation for future policies. Wars that made a few unspeakably rich, will make most of the rest of us undeservedly poor. And, of course, it will be the poorest who die in future wars based on unexamined history.

By not even trying to punish those bankers who swindled America, masses of people will suffer economically. The President claimed that everything the bankers did was legal, but then why not press Congress for a drastic overhaul making it illegal for banks to lie and steal? Why not at least publicly condemn it as robbery and name names so people know how to protect themselves? The Wolves of Wall Street, likewise, remain uncaged. The President even brought many of the guilty parties into his administration to help regulate. Theories that he brought the foxes into the hen house so he could use their craftiness to undo the damage are running out of time.

The debt facing our nation was caused in part by a decades long binge by the very rich. It is they who should restore balance by paying much higher taxes, by being forced to pay fair wages and by being held accountable for their past deeds. America’s debt belongs in large part to the very rich. If President Obama does not force them to pay for it, then he has redistributed the pain from those guilty rich and placed it on the back of America’s most needy.