I want to thank all the people that have messaged me this week calling me to a more traditional form of Christianity. I hear the concern and love behind those efforts, but I am probably a lost cause. It just seems to me the claim that the author of the galaxies speaks only to us Christians glorifies ourselves, and actually shrinks God to our own petty dimensions. I long ago broke the trance that my own nation and religion are always right, and those of others always wrong. It does not take much imagination to picture being born on the other side of those boundaries, and frankly for any group to assume itself to be the only proper version of humankind seems vain to the point of insanity.

Threatening me with hell doesn’t help either. A torturer God would be beneath contempt. If I am wrong, and God is not universal love, I would rather be tortured forever with Gandhi and Carl Sagan than spend eternity with the Grand Inquisitors of Christendom. So, thank you for your concern, but if seeing Christ in every face is a heresy I am content to be damned.