Last November, UC Davis police officer John Pike was recorded spraying pepper spray on peaceful protestors. In case that doesn’t sound so bad, consider the following quote from a Scientific American article:

“Using a scale of intensity developed 100 years ago by Wilbur Scoville, Blum notes that commercial-grade pepper spray is 1,000 times “hotter” than a jalapeño pepper. Most sprays are between 2 million and 5.3 million Scoville units—and the higher-end figure is the type police use.”

So imagine someone rubbing a jalapeno pepper in your eye. Now try to image something 1000 times worse. That’s what this “officer of the peace” did to peaceful protestors. The officer has finally left UC Davis, but it is unknown whether he was fired or resigned. Oh, and while he was being investigated, he was paid a six figure salary.

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