No sane person would defend the attack on the embassy in Libya. It was a hideous act. But, in the aftermath of that terrible deed, and the murder of our ambassador, we can expect a return to the reoccurring theme that Islam is a religion of violence.  Missing in that narrative will be the little detail that we have been bombing that country for some time which creates its own craziness. Missing in that narrative will be the fact only 7 of the 57 Muslim nations have responded violently to the film mocking Mohammad. Or that all of those countries where violence has occurred have been a living hell for some time.

When we tell the stories of Muslim violence, we do not include anything about having their land stolen, or having puppet dictators imposed by the West, or having their natural resources pilfered while the people languish. Instead we let the actions of a small group of extremists speak for the masses. The amazing thing is how peacefully most of Islam has dealt with Western exploitation.

No objective person would use the KKK to represent Christianity, although many hate groups identify themselves as representing Christ. In the same way, no objective person would saddle Islam, which is one fifth of the world’s populations, with the violent deeds of hate groups living in their midst.