If one believed what one reads in American newspapers, he or she would have a caricatured view of Jewish voters being prejudice against Muslims and voting for anything Israel wants to do. One visit to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz would dispel such notions. Jewish thought on most political matters is complex and hard to pigeon hole. Or one could visit “J Street” if one wanted to experience Jewish people thinking outside the box.

Jeremy Ben Ami is President of the Jewish organization “J Street,” and says, “Contrary to popular belief, Jews do not vote primarily on Israel, and they do want presidential leadership to achieve a two-state solution.”

The link below leads to an open letter from J Street in the NY Times. It points out that 74% of Jewish voters supported Obama and his support is still above 70%. The letter points out that myths about Jewish voters not being willing to question any Israeli policies plays into the hands of warhawks from Israel, and the U.S.

“When the media buy into these myths about the Jewish vote, the tragedy is that policy makers then shy away from pressing for Israeli-Palestinian peace for fear of political consequences that never materialize.       

This serves the aims of conservatives whose ultimate goal in peddling this myth is less to affect the Jewish vote and more to frighten Washington out of boldly leading in the Middle East.”   JEREMY BEN-AMI President, J Street Washington