State Senator Jason Rapert of Arkansas recently said that while he was elected to serve his constituents, he really only serves God.

“There’s only one vote that matters and that’s when I stand before the Lord at the judgment seat.” 

And what about people who disagree with him? He said of prochoice protestors in Texas:

 “I’ve never had a glimpse of Hell or heard a real demon, but I believe that must be what they sound like. It’s spiritual warfare.”

So if those of us who protested abortion laws are demons or are possessed by demons, it wouldn’t make sense for the good Senator to try to reason with us or be fair to us. If the Senator really believes we represent supernatural evil, would not an inquisition be called for to exorcise the nation of our presence?

The Taliban doesn’t have much on some Christian politicians. If these true believers had the power to unleash their vengeance in order to purify the nation, the difference between them and other religious terrorists might dissolve into semantics.