ht eric hartsburg 2 jef 121026 wblog No Regrets for Man With Romney Tattoo on His FaceEric Hartsburg/Facebook


Eric Hartsburg will not soon forget the election of 2012. In fact, he will remember it every time he looks in the mirror and sees the Romney logo tattooed on his face.

“I am college educated, and I am not an idiot,” Hartsburg, told ABC News. “Getting the tattoo was a decision that I made, and I am cool with.”

Hartsburg decided to sell a space on his temple on eBay for $15,000.

“Obama supporters have come up to me since the election and said, ’Told you so’ or ‘You look like an idiot,’ but if you take Romney’s losing out of the equation and someone with a face tattoo out of the equation and actually have a conversation with me, you might realize that it’s not just about what is on the surface.”

And there is good news for Paul Ryan if he runs in 2016. Hartsburg has decided to put the middle of his forehead up for auction.