Today we will be having a funeral service for a homeless man who was struck and killed by a car last week. His name is Chris. He was a gentle man, much loved by the homeless community and the nearby businesses.  When Dr. King was assassinated, he was working on an event in Memphis for garbage workers. He had realized that all people have the same worth regardless of their wealth or social status. Please take a moment to honor Chris, and all the invisible voiceless people who are dying just out of our sight.

     When scripture talks about having eyes to see, or ears to hear, it is not talking about our physical organs, but the eyes and ears of the heart. It might be a good way to honor Dr. King this day by praying, or meditating, or resolving to look at humanity in a new way. Pray or meditate or resolve to have the kind of eyes that see past this wretched culture of greed, to the beautiful human hearts imprisoned therein. Pray or meditate or resolve to have ears that hear those voices muted by systemic indifference.

     It is all well and good to praise MLK this day, but I can tell you from a lifetime of studying him, that he would much rather that we learn to see the world as he saw it, to speak on behalf of the voiceless, and to strive not only to be kind as individuals, but also to be agitators for a kindness that would include all people everywhere.