FOX News has a hallowed place in journalism. After all, every aquarium needs a bottom feeder. In its annual assault on our non-Christian neighbors, FOX has featured many interviews aiming to convince Christians that Jews, Muslims and non-theists who don’t want to pay taxes to have the snow of our white Christmas blown in their face, are attacking us.

This interview is particularly revealing. A store Santa shares his personal pain at the move toward greater inclusivity at the holiday time. Jesus is not mentioned once, which tells us that the “Christmas” being protected is actually the cultural and consumer based mostrosity that has been built over the grave of the original Christmas.

The first Christmas was shared with foreign religious scholars, animals and even an unwed couple. The entire holiday was a hope for all people. The Christian church cannot copyright that message and limit it to ourselves. The message of Christmas has nothing to do with capitalism, American pride, or Christian exclusivism for that matter. The message of Christmas is heard in the angels song, “Peace on earth, Good will to all!”  Any who try to restrict that message to their own group are the true assassins of Christmas.